Dipl.-Ing. Landscape Architect

Angela Prominski

Angela Prominski is a registered landscape architect and a member of the Lower Saxony Chamber of Architects. After an apprenticeship as a landscape gardener (1987–89), she studied landscape planning at TU Berlin (Diploma in 1995), with internships in Austrian and Dutch offices. From 1995-2003, she worked for the Birgit Hammer landscape architecture office in Berlin, interrupted by a two-year stay in Boston. After a family period and a move to Hannover, she worked for Drecker Planning from 2007–2009. Since 2009, she has worked as a freelance landscape architect, complemented by part-time work for Spalink-Sievers landscape architects (2015–18).

Dipl.-Ing. Landscape Architect

Masashi Nakamura

Masashi Nakamura is a registered landscape architect and a member of the North Rhine-Westfalian Chamber of Architects. After receiving a Bachelor in Applied Biology from Tokio University, he went to Germany to study landscape architecture. He finished with a diploma from Leibniz University Hannover and worked for several landscape architecture offices in Munich, Krefeld and Cologne. He gained experiences with many successful competition entries. From 2016–18, Masashi worked as a research and teaching fellow at the Department of Open Space Planning and Design at Leibniz University Hannover.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Landscape Architect

Martin Prominski

Martin Prominski is a registered landscape architect and has been full professor and chair of “Designing urban landscapes” at Leibniz University Hannover since 2009. After an apprenticeship and work experience as a landscape gardener, he studied landscape planning at TU Berlin (Diploma in 1996) and received a Master in Landscape Architecture from Harvard University in 1998, with the support of a DAAD scholarship. He finished a five-year period as a research and teaching fellow at the chair of Hans Loidl at TU Berlin with a PhD in 2003. Martin worked at Atelier Loidl/ Berlin and Hargreaves Associates/ Cambridge MA in the 1990s and has joined several competitions and projects as a freelancer since 2001. In addition to his membership in the Lower Saxony Chamber of Architects, the German Academy for Urban Design and Regional Planning (DASL) and the Studio Urban Landscapes, he is active in several national and international boards.

M. Sc. Landscape Architect

Kazutaka Tambe

Kazutaka Tambe is a “Senior Registered Architect of Japan” and “Registered Landscape Architect of Japan”. He studied architecture from 1996–2000 at Shiga University, Japan. From 2001–2013, he worked as a landscape architect in the “Studio on site” office in Tokyo, where he was responsible for the whole spectrum of tasks from competitions and design to construction management. In 2013, Kazu moved to Germany and worked for Wamsler Rohloff Wirzmüller Landscape Architects in Regensburg from 2014–16. Form 2016–18, he was enrolled in the Master of Landscape Architecture programme at Leibniz University Hannover.